Za bruhat II ~ Illuminati Card Game

Stehpen Jackson Games. Iz leta 1994 (oz.1995), imenovane ‘Illuminati: New World Order’, zgodnja različica ‘Illuminati’ že iz leta 1982.

Kot se malo že v teh kartah kaže, so tili Illuminati, NWO (New World Order), New Age in podobne reči neke vrste vojna Luciferja/Satana proti Kristusu, proti Bogu in tudi proti človeku. Kako? Zakaj? Čemu? O tem bolj podrobno, lahko si pa že sedaj pogledate kaj od Malachi Martin-a, spodaj je pa še razlaga dveh kart s strani (mislim da ameriških fundamentalistov – no ja, tudi oni imajo kakšno dobro).

Če pri raziskovanju kam svet gre, teh Illuminati-jev (ki so satanisti), izpustite duhovno dimenzijo, izpustite Boga, Jezusa Kristusa,.. ter tudi Satana in Luciferja in podobno, potem (a) ne boste prišli daleč, (b) boste precej zafrustrirani in (c) ne boste sposobni najti dolgoročnih rešitev. Na primer, če pogledate Marcel-a Messing-a in David Icke-ja, ki te reči nekako povežeta, ali pa Alex Jones-a in podobne, ki jim je ravno za te reči, boste našli očitno razliko v marsičem.


inwo-Pnetagon inwo-OilSpill


Komentar ni potreben, načeloma kar vemo za kaj gre, čeprav še nismo čisto dojeli… Oil Spil je sicer nov, ampak nekako na isti način. Hrana.. Tole naslednje je pa malo bolj subtilne narave:

inwo-AlGore inwo-KillforPeace

Al Gore karta je smešna, pod njo piše: “imate +8 za direktni nadzor nad katerokoli zeleno skupino”. Globalno segrevanje in ‘Neprijetna resnica’? In še vsa lobiranja, ki jih je počel?

Kill for Peace; to naredi posvetni humanizem, kjer je narava bolj pomembna od človeka in tistega, kar človeka presega. Kaj ostane po smrti, kaj ostane človeku, če njegove materialne dobrine izginejo, kam se bo obrnil če ni ničesar višjega? Če ni nečesa, kar presega materialni svet?… Opis karte Secular Humanists iz strani

The bottom of this playing card reads: “While you control this group, all straight or Conservative groups will be so distracted that any attacks they make against your other groups will be at -3 Power.”

Certainly, Secular Humanism has been greatly instrumental in all of Western Society currently rejecting Jesus Christ, the Bible, and Judeo-Christian values. By far, the most serious impact has been in the field of Public Education. C.F. Potter and Thomas Dewey led the way in the period between World Wars I and II to completely re-write educational curricula — gradually at first — so that all Biblical values are overthrown. In Seminar One, “America’s Leadership of the New World Order”, we demonstrate how this subtle attack on our values system was carried out. The result is that, now, Christian parents must get their children out of Public Schools, for they are being conditioned to become good citizens of the global system of Antichrist!

Listen to Christian educator, Samuel Blumenthal, explain: “It was thus Dewy who began to fashion a new materialist religion in which humanity was venerated instead of God. This is basically the religion of Secular Humanism, and this is what has become the official religion of the United States, for it is the only religion permitted in its public schools and totally supported by government funds.” [“NEA: Trojan Horse In American Education”, Samuel Blumenthal, p. 55]

Dr. Blumenthal then continues: “But the undermining of the Judeo-Christian tradition was well underway when, in 1933, John Dewey and 33 other liberal humanists drew up and signed that extraordinary document known as the Humanist Manifesto. It reflected all of the influences of science, evolution, and the new psychology which were reshaping American education. It called for the abandonment of traditional religion and replacing it with a new secular religion better able to accommodate the new moral relativism in a man-centered, godless world.” [Ibid., p. 226]

As Christian Churches fell under the spell of this Humanist Manifesto, mainline denominations began to move away from the Fundamentals of the Christian faith, until we have reached the point today where the apostasy of the Church is so deep, wide, and high that Antichrist can now arise [2 Thessalonians 2:3].

Just as the Illuminati planned, Secular Humanism paved the way. But, look carefully at the picture Steve Jackson drew. As you look behind the two young men, you will see the shadow of a clown jester, or is it the Devil? You be the judge. Either symbol would be most appropriate for an entire people who have rejected the One True God in order to embrace a false god.



iz strani

“The bottom of this card reads: “This group can interfere in any privileged attack made by, or with the help of, any Straight or Conservative group. If it does so, that attack is no longer privileged.”

The New World Order Religion is coming, and it will be patterned after Adolf Hitler’s “Fourth Reich Church”. We urge you to read NEWS1244, the Study of Adolf Hitler’s Satanic Public Church. Hitler was most interested in fashioning a church that would serve his purpose, in precisely the same manner as Antichrist will want to do. By studying Hitler’s Church, we shall be most enlightened as to the coming One World Church that this Illuminati Card Game rightly calls the “Religious Reich”. We shall quote small relevant portions of our article, mentioned above.

“The Beast does not look what he is. He may even have a comic moustache.” [“The Antichrist”, written by Soloviev, quoted by Trevor Ravenscroft, “Spear of Destiny”, p. 106, published in 1897 ]

From the beginning, Hitler was backed by Satanic power! Few people understand how completely Adolf Hitler was controlled by Satan. Hitler was totally taken over by the demonic host by the early 1920’s; in fact, Eckart regularly held specialized rituals in which he and every other member of the Thule Society called for the Spirit of Antichrist to enter him. When Hitler began his quest for power, he was assured of success, even against the seemingly impossible odds facing him. While History records this success, almost no historian comprehends Hitler because he does not understand, or even believe in, the power of Satan.

Hitler captured the minds and imaginations of a huge majority of Germans because he was demonically possessed. His power over the people was unparalleled, and will remain unparalleled until the real Antichrist arises. Of special interest to all Christians is the attitude Antichrist will display toward the Bible, Jesus Christ, Christianity, and the Christian Church. We can know what these attitudes will be by studying Hitler’s attitudes; when Antichrist displays these attitudes towards God’s Elect, you will understand how thoroughly the Illuminati is going to fulfill prophecy!


1. Christianity is a religion that defends the weak and the low
2. It is purely Jewish and oriental in origin
3. It forces people to bend their backs to the sound of church bells and crawl to the cross of a foreign god
4. It began 2000 years ago among sick, exhausted, and despairing men who had lost their belief in life
5. The Christian tenets of forgiveness of sin, resurrection, and salvation are plain nonsense
6. The Christian of mercy is a dangerous, un-German idea
7. Christian love is a silly concept because love paralyses men
8. The Christian idea of equality protects the racially inferior, the ill, the weak, and the crippled

Adolf Hitler founded a “Third Reich” church that “solved” all these “problems” with the true Christian Church. In 1936, Hitler established a new pagan church, which he termed as “Positive Christianity”. Only Nazi-approved ministers and preachers were allowed to “minister” to this congregation. Listen to some of the tenants of this church.

1. The National Reich Church demands an immediate stop to the printing and sale of the Bible in Germany. The National Reich Church will remove from the altars of all churches the Bible, the cross and religious objects.
2. On the altars there must be nothing but My Struggle, [Mein Kampf] and to the left of this a sword.
3. Do to others as you are ordered!
4. Love only your neighbour who is like yourself!

Hitler’s new Reich Church viewed him as their Messiah: “Adolf Hitler is the new messiah sent to earth to save the world from the Jews.” [Antichrist will also present himself as the “New Messiah” sent to earth to save the world. This is one of the most striking parallels between Hitler and Antichrist, which is why we highlighted it in red.]

Throughout Germany, church members enthusiastically sang along with the German Youth: “One people! One god! One Reich! One church!”

As Liberal Christians “rush after” Antichrist in utter amazement, and after his False Prophet comes on the scene, the people will sing, “One people! One god! One Reich! One church!” The “Religious Reich” Church is coming; today, the Roman Catholic Pope is leading the world into Ecumenicism, and for the first 3 1/2 years, the Pope shall serve beside Antichrist, displaying the same powers [Rev 13;12], urging people to worship the First Beast, and then forcing people to take the Mark of the Beast [Revelation 13:16-18]

Then, we read in Revelation 17:16 that Antichrist and his political allies will suddenly turn upon the False Prophet and kill him and his followers; thereafter, Antichrist will serve in the same dual capacity as did Adolf Hitler: 1) Top Absolute Dictator; 2) Top Shaman, leading the people into a worship known as the “Restoration of the Mysteries”, i.e., open practice of Satanism. (We urge you to fully read NEWS1244, for you will not believe the church Hitler set up, a church that Antichrist and False Prophet will copy.)

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